1st ASEAN Youth Summit Joint Statement

1st ASEAN Youth Summit Joint Statement

on Cooperation for ASEAN Community Building

Brunei Darussalam, 26th May 2008

I. Introduction

  1. We, the students of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) member universities, gathered on 26th May 2008 in Brunei Darussalam on the occasion of the 10th AUN Educational Forum and Young Speakers Contest.
  2. We noted the efforts of ASEAN governments in taking action and making significant progress towards ASEAN integration by 2015 as laid out in the ASEAN Charter.
  3. In this context, we consolidated our existing commitment to cooperation in building on ASEAN Community.

II. ASEAN Charter

  1. We welcomed the signing of the ASEAN Charter and accepted the common goal to ensure regional stability and prosperity.
  2. We noted the relevance and significance of the socio-cultural community as a scaffold on which the economic community and political-security community are founded.

III. The Role of Education in Building an ASEAN Community

  1. We acknowledged the significant role that education plays in the cultivation and advancement of community awareness of ASEAN as an entity as well as a single community.
  2. Accordingly, we noted the need to strengthen educational collaboration among ASEAN member states through the AUN at all levels, involving students and all relevant stakeholders.

IV. Youth Involvement in Building an ASEAN Community

  1. We, the youth of ASEAN, reaffirmed our support of ASEAN’s goals in building an open dynamic ASEAN Community by 2015.
  2. We noted the crucial role that the youth play as the main stakeholders in the future of ASEAN.
  3. With regard to youth involvement in shaping ASEAN single community, we noted the urgent need to implement currently existing proposals and declarations by 2015, and conduct regular follow-ups to the current and past AUN for a.

V. Closing

The realization of this Joint Statement will be accomplished through the enhanced cooperation among the network of ASEAN students.


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