Finding peace within

5 Oct.’ 08

Finding a peace within … .

Enjoying my two weeks holiday makes my brain stop working…it seems very difficult to start writing an essay, even for something very simple like testimonial in blog. It likes turn the worn-out machine ON….takes time and sweat! Finally I come out with this writing,, something which I can’t say as a good one,

After fasting in a month, finally it come. Once a year,,,,,

Every heart, every soul, every person celebrates this day…a very GREAT DAY. For moslem, Idul Fitri is more than a religious thing, it’s also time to get closer with a big family, relatives, friends and to celebrate such a long vacation with many kinds of activities along with family or friends. Many people come back to their hometown for celebrating this day, it is like a MUST.

It was not my first celebration of Idul Fitri since I’ve celebrated it many times before, every once a year. There was no actually something really special in my Idul Fitri, but something personal.

Talking about Idul Fitri, we can’t put it aside with apologizing and forgiving ‘ritual’. Everyone knows what it is called as HALAL BIHALAL. However, many people define it only as shaking hand each other, greeting each other…no more. Halal bihalal must be defined as something more valuable and deeper than that. It is a manifestation of Idul Fitri itself, to come back to the purity of heart. Most of us (including me) often use our brain and rationality to solve many problems facing us in our daily activity, in campus or working places. It is something good since rationality lead us to the reality. However, there is the time and occasion when rationality must be put aside, and come back to our heart. In last Idul Fitri which has already ended, I found out that it’s not only about to say that I forgive you or I apologize for many mistakes I’ve done, but it’s to do ‘the forgiveness and apology’…that’s the thing! it’s quite hard yeach….we always think about concession and compensation in our life, if I give you this, what would you give to me as a return? If you give me this, what should I give to you? Or what is your real intention so you give me this? It’s basically something normal since thinking is a human being’s activity… something which differs us from animal. Nevertheless, forgiving will be very difficult if we think about compensation or concession. It would then become something impossible. For me, forgiving or apologizing is more difficult compared to every single mathematics matter. It is very difficult for us to apologize for many mistakes we’ve ever done to others since we haven’t felt guilty or we still stick on our stance. It is also difficult to forgive someone as long as we judge others by the mistakes they’ve done. It needs deep awareness, tolerance, sacrifice and sincerity. An awareness that we’re all human being who often make mistakes, a sacrifice to put aside others’ mistakes and a sincerity to forgive others.


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