Thanks to hipocrisy

October 15, 2008

Thanks to Hypocrisy (another side of hipocrisy)… .

What do you think when reading the title above? Definitely disagree? Asking whether that is crazy or something????

It was very different for me when attending Strategy class two days ago. Usually I was very sleepy while attending the class because it starts on 12.15 pm…(u must agree with me that this is the time to get a nice sleep….ha3x). On that Tuesday, I had have another class in the morning ended on 09.00 am, so there was such a long time range before the second class began. After finishing my first class, I immidiately came back to my dormitory to take a nap. In fact, it was a succesful preventive way to avoid sleepy in my second class, the Strategy class.

At that time, the topic of the class was the Social Norms. There was common explanation from my lecturer in the beginning of the class,,,,talked about the definition, characteristics and short of norms. However, approaching the end of the class, the discussion became very attractive for me. It’s about hipocrisy. Do u guyz, think that hipocrisy is something always bad????

I can say that hipocrisy is not always bad. Even, hipocrisy is often needed to maintain the prevailing social orders. You may still ask hundreds of questions relating to that, but let me explain it.

Well, have u guyz ever felt disturbed when your friends come to your house? If your answer yes, then have you ever explicitly said to them to go away? Or have you ever thought that your friend’s performance perfectly ugly? Then have you ever explicitly criticize his/her performance in front of public where many people around whereas you actually really want to do that? Have you ever intentionally passed a gas in the middle of conference when you’re discussing something with the directore of conference organizer whereas it seems to ‘explode’? Now, imagine that you criticize your friend’s ugly performance in front of public, so many people mock him/her. For a minute later, your friend may will be angry with you for a long time or even forever, then your friendship breakdown. Instead of directly criticizing your friend’s ugly performance in front of public, you may be able to constructly suggest his/her in a very polite way and even in a private talk. By doing so, I am sure that your friendship with him/her will survive and even you’ll get closer with him/her.

So, what do you call a condition in which you actually you want to do something, but you don’t do that like the examples above? Mmmm…..hipocrisy. Thanks to hipocrisy that save your friendship, thanks to hipocrisy that save you from a something shameful in public, thanks to hipocrisy that maintain the prevailing social order.


One comment

  1. yes, i think without hipocrisy all the things in the world would be so mess… everything would be outspoken, frontally, frankly. hmm, what a mess world?!

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