Gamelan o Hikimashou,,

It was my last year resolution to join Gamelan Club in my university…and i really do it this year. It’s absolutely interesting to play gamelan. Why gamelan????

Many of my friends guess that my reason in joining Gamelan Club is to improve my capability in playing gamelan for the cultural performance if someday I’m accepted in the student exchange program. That might be one of my reasons, but let me be honest here. My main reason to join gamelan is based on my personal awareness rather than something pragmatic. I am really aware that in the midst of globalization where all things tend to be similar, we need something that we can proudly call our own. Something that differentiate us from others. Just imagine where the gamelan would be in the next couple of decades if the youth don’t want to learn it anymore. That’s why I currently learn gamelan, to preserve my own culture which I can proudly tell to the next generation…

So, gamelan o hikimashou!!!!!!



  1. オーストラリア行った。



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