Spend 247 million for a hair cut


The King Bolkiah spent like Rp 247 million to have his hair cut

The King, who’s amongst the richest people in the world, invited his favorite barber, Ken Modestu, the one who’s looked after his hair for the last 16 years. The thing is that Modestu lives away in London, UK, while the King is in Brunei.

However, it wasn’t a big matter for the King. He just paid Modestu for the first class roundtrip flight from and to Brunei which values for 9,000 pounds (Rp 147 million). He also provided Modestu with first class accommodation in Brunei, transport, and yummy foods!! All Modestu needed to do was just to sign the agreement letter.

Having been satisfied with Modestu’s work, the King paid him for thousands pounds.

Regarding the H1N1 endemic in Southeast Asia, the King also provided Modestu with private cabin in the airplane so that he  wouldn’t blend together with other passengers. To get the private cabin, the King spent 11,000 pounds (Rp 180 million)!!

“Totally, the King”s expenses for a hair cut could reach about 15,000 pounds (Rp 247 milllion)”, said Kadi, a journalist of The Sun.



  1. Let see how long this oil rich country can survive. Life is what care for the unfortunate but not the fortunate.

    • yep, I’m with you on this.
      hey, I’ve just checked your blog and found out that you’re using esperanto. are you esperantist? I studied a bit several months ago =)

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