10-10-10, what so special, huh?

“It’s not the date which is special but it’s YOU that make it special”

We’ve just been bombarded by the headlines or news- tickers about wedding ceremonies taking place or babies born on Sunday, 10-10-10. Most of TV channels broadcasted similar topic on that day. Metro TV covered wedding ceremonies of 7,200 happy couples in South Korea, TVOne covered a panic of a number of staffs at the Department of Religious Affairs due to mass wedding registration ‘movement’ and some channels covered the news about newborn babies.

Many people think that 10-10-10 is so special because it’s a triple twins. Indra Bekti, a presenter for ‘Ceriwis’, explained that 10-10-10 is a combination of the perfect numbers when he was interviewed by one of private TV stations during his wedding ceremony. For him, the number ’10’ constitutes perfection, flawless and best of the best. Meanwhile, some pregnant women who will give a birth soon think that 10-10-10 is a perfect date for their babies’ born day. That’s why many of them ask the doctors to perform surgery so that the babies can be born exactly on 10-10-10.

It is not difficult to understand their ways of thinking, because many people generally have good experiences with the number ’10’. When I was senior high school student, I used to think that ’10’ is a symbol of outstanding achievement. I still clearly remember how happy I was when I got perfect 10 for my Math test while the others students only got ‘5-8’.

From these experiences, we can see that the number ’10’ seems so special, doesn’t it? But wait, let’s raise some questions

  • Do you think that Indra Bekti would still think that 10-10-10 is special if on that day wasn’t his wedding day?
  • Do you think that the pregnant mothers would still think that 10-10-10 is special if their babies weren’t born on that day?
  • And would I still think that ’10’ was special if there were other seven students getting perfect 10 for the same test?

If these are the questions, then my answer is a perfect NO. I don’t think that Indra Bekti and the pregnant women would still think that 10-10-10 is a special day if nothing special happened to them. I don’t think that I would still be as happy as I was when it wasn’t only me getting a perfect 10 for my Math test at that time. Yeah, probably I would still be happy, but not that much….;p

In addition, on Sunday, 10-10-10 wasn’t really my day. I was at home in a whole day, worked on my thesis, read the online articles, watched on TV, had a call and gave a call. For me, that wasn’t special, but utterly exhausting.

So, do you still think that 10-10-10 or the number ’10’ is so special? Me not, it’s not the date which is special but it’s YOU that make it special. We may can also see another experience from this perspective. It might not be you that is so special (as you have two ears, two hands, two eyes and other common things that everyone has), but it might be YOU that make yourself look so SPECIAL……

cheers =),



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