Inspiring Dinner

Friday night, 28 January 2011 was a special night to me, not because I had a date, but because I got a new spirit from my two wonderful new friends named Anjas and Margareth. Actually I met them both just like a month ago, but we’ve been close that we shared many things about life despite the differences amongst us.

Anjas is a nice, smart and calm guy. Like many other Javanese, he is very decent and tender. He has enjoyed wonderful work experience in one of Japanese companies in Indonesia. In contrast, Margareth is an independent, tough and spoken woman. She is a book-freak and a dreamer. Not only does she spend her days with Paulo Coelho’s books, she imagines to meet Prince William. She has just been accepted as reporter in one of the most leading media in Indonesia, a profession which fits her most I think. That night was actually a farewell dinner for her as she was about to start working at Jakarta on Monday.

Our dinner, my dinner actually (since Margareth and Anjas didn’t eat as much as I did), started with sweet and tasty chocolate and ended up with a glass of guava juice. As the main course, I ate pepes tuna which was so yummy! During the dinner, we talked about many things, from the waitresses in the restaurant to Margareth’s boss.

Anjas actually became an active listener than active speaker whilst I and Margareth dominated the discussion. However, Anjas told us a bit about his family and expressed his point of view about the issues we were discussing about. Margareth told many about her live experiences in eastern parts of Indonesia. She also told us about how so prideful her boss is that makes her bit worry to having a career with him. I became kind of the host since I asked many questions about their work, life and love experiences whilst sharing my recent experiences with them. From all of the stories told, I was most inspired by Margareth’s story about her messy life before.

And here we go………..

Margareth was dropped out from her graduate school, not because she was not smart enough but because she challenged the assessment method that the school had at that time. Margareth couldn’t stand on the assessment method which merely focused on final papers whilst the discussions and presentations were assessed for not more than 20%. For instance, she didn’t submit her papers many times that she was finally dropped out. She was also exiled from the list of full scholarship awardees. Another sad story of her was about her career and love life. Given those situation, Margareth had committed suicide. But then, what had happened to her close friends turned her decision forever.

Two of her best friends died at her age in two months. Her good friend working at the Indonesian Embassy in USA died due to heart attack two months ago. Another friend of her, a professional doctor, died at Papua because of Malaria last month. She felt a big loss that she even didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to them. Since then, she realized that a good job, love life, doesn’t guarantee a long-lasting and happy life. She started thinking that everyday might be her last day, so suicide would give no advantage. She said to herself that.

Everyday is the last day.  So fill it with its fullest.

She then told us that since the deaths of her friends, she promised herself to do as best as she can everyday no matter what others say. She is also being more thankful for everything she has.

Having listened to her story, I couldn’t say a word for some times until then I promised my self as Margareth promised herself. I might have listened to many preachings about doing the best every day because we will never know when our time will come, but Margareth’s story is the one that could really move me.

Finally, I would say that inspiration can be found out everywhere. You may find it at campus, office or career center. It may also come from your lecturer, your boss or your friend. So be more sensitive and get the most of your daily experiences!


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