Things I learn from Tomorrowland

tomorrowland-trailer-poster-2015-movie-george-clooneyI first thought that the movie would be some kind of Alice in Wonderland, but it is more than inspiring. The Disney’s sci-fi adventure, Tomorrowland, does not only tell kids to dream big, but reminds us all not to be consumed by bad things that happen in life. For me, the movie brings such a positive energy by trying to play back our good old memories when we were kids, when we had no fear to believe the impossible. Here are things I learn most from the movie:

Nurture your dream 
The story line of Tomorrowland is basically about a process that brings Frank Walker back into his faith that anything is possible -that imagination is more important than knowledge. Frank once dreamed of making everyone fly with his semi-working nitrogen-powered jet pack, but decided to give up after being continuously underestimated and eventually exiled by Governor Nix, who is a leading scientist as well as the leader of Tomorrowland (also the name of a future land showed in the movie). He finally got his spirit back when meeting with optimistic teen Casey.
The situation applies to most of us, I think. When we were kids, we were not afraid to dream anything that we imagined possible to happen in the future. Some of us might dream to go to the moon or some might dream to become doctors. However, as time goes by, we face so many facts that go in opposite direction with what we ever dreamed about. The Tomorrowland‘s story calls us to revisit what we ever dreamed of and to have a faith that we can actually make it.

Feed the right wolf 
“If there are two wolves always fighting each other, one representing dark & despair and the other representing light & hope, which one will you feed?”
That question is addressed by Casey to his father when he was desperately working on his unfinished project. For me, that’s actually a question to us all, too. We basically have two souls or mindsets that will always fight against each other. The one is our optimistic view about the world and the other one is the pessimistic view. It is, again, back to us all whether we will grow the “first wolf” or the “second one”.
tomorrowlmdSurround yourself only with those who lift you up
Frank lost his hope when his work was rejected by Governor Nix. But then, Athena -a humanoid from the Tomorrowland- gave a pin that enables him to access to what it is believed to be the future land, cheering him up to continue fixing his jet pack. Years later, when Frank lost his hope again, Casey appeared to be another person convincing him that making a better world is possible, until they eventually made it. If we look at what happens in our life, Athena and Casey might be some of our friends or families. Not necessarily a humanoid or blonde teenage girl, but those who always give us spirit when we even feel that there’s no hope anymore.

Everyone has a heart
At the end of the movie, Athena, who is supposed to have no feeling as she is a robot, played her recorded memories to Frank. She shared what she felt about Frank back when they first met in 1960s. For me, it is a statement that everyone, how tough he or she is, has that pure heart that can feel and share compassion.


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